Google Criticises Own SEO In Report Card

Google has issued a comprehensive report that gauges the search engine optimisation (SEO) on a number of distinct properties, and estimated that it was actually falling short on many of them.

Dubbed as "SEO Report Card", the report has been tailored to bolster up the user experience as well as visibility of some of its properties.

However, on the plus side, the search giant asserted that it will use the report card to significantly spruce up its SEO system, as well as to assist others by sharing the data with them.

The report encompasses 100 products from Google, and the company has said it is already working on a follow-up report that will involve international localisations.

Of the items on the radar, one of the most notable failures for the company lies in its 'search result presentation' where it managed to score 33/100 or even lower in three distinct categories, with the category "title tag and format length" being the lowest.

In addition to that, the search giant also said it needs to upgrade its destination sites images of logos led. The report pointed out that most of these logos were directed to pages where they were not supposed to.

Our Comments

However, the company also had several positive attributes, namely proper usage of headline tags as well as internal text anchors and clear main page result. It is refreshing to see that a company as big as Google can honestly look at itself in the mirror and criticise its own products.

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