Meet Buzzie, Google's First Buzz Application For Apple iPhone

The first ever third-party application for Google's new social networking tool, Buzz, has been released on Apple's popular iTunes App Store and goes by the name of Buzzie; it is designed to offer iPhone and Gmail users a chance to keep up with their Buzz account on the go.

Interestingly, the application allows non-Gmail members to view the Google Buzz conversations happening in their area without having to log into the service. This feature is very helpful to users who want to 'test the waters' before signing up for the service.

Buzzie replicates the exact functionality offered by Google Buzz by allowing users to log-in and start following and taking part in conversations happening all over their Gmail network.

The application also uses the GPS functionality offered by iPhone for displaying the Buzz user's location, which an be categorised as private or public along with the Buzz profile and conversations.

Buzzie is somewhat similar to third party Twitter applications and allows users to view their own Buzz conversations in chronological order from their homepage.

Interestingly, the smartphone application comes with a better user interface and functionality compared to its web counterpart, which was severely criticised for its rather lax privacy settings.

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iPhone Only Buzzie also allows users to view photos and other media content that comes with a particular Buzz message and can also save the photos on the iPhone photo album right from the application. The application is on sale for $2 only, a 33 percent discount for the first month.

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