Microsoft Launches MS10-015 BSOD Security Patch Again

Microsoft Corp. has reissued a critical security patch that had reportedly left several users with rebooting problems and a galling technical glitch, the famed 'Blue Screen of Death' commonly known as (BSoD).

The security patch, codenamed MS10-105, was initially released on 09 February, and was pulled back from Windows update by the company a couple of days later after a large number of users complained about rebooting problems when they tried downloading the patch.

The infested machines eventually presented a blue screen to the user that is an indication of a serious software snag in the Windows operating system, particularly Windows XP.

Just within a week, the software giant came up with the explanation that the rebooting issue had nothing to do with the security patch, but blamed a rootkit named "Alureon" for causing the BSoD error.

Apparently, after all the necessary research, checks and investigation, the software maker has decided to resume distribution of the security patch via Windows automatic updates.

This time though, the security patch incorporates "added detection logic for consumer and enterprise customers that searches for indications of the Alureon rootkit", the company noted.

The company further suggested that if detection logic finds out any aberrations in the file configurations of the OS, the update wouldn't work and error messages would appear with alternative support options.

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In the aforementioned case, Microsoft support centre would work with the affected customers to help them tackle each issue successfully, the company added.

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