Microsoft May Acquire Twitter In Future

Speaking at the Search Marketing West Expo in California, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indicated that the software giant might buy micro-blogging giant Twitter in a not so distant distant future.

He also discussed the future of the search deal with Yahoo Inc in order to take on search engine behemoth Google.

Surprisingly, Ballmer believes in the importance of Twitter being an independent company and looks forward to benefiting from the deal with popular web site.

The CEO also acknowledged the challenges that will be faced by Bing search engine and Yahoo Inc as they scheme to dethrone Google from its position of power.

Expressing his views on Twitter, Steve Ballmer said at the search convention that "Whether we need to own the company or not I think is far less clear. In some senses, as an independent, Twitter has a lot of value and a lot of credibility with its user community."

Interestingly, Mr. Balmer also reported that he even had an anonymous Twitter account which he used for receiving updates on the latest Basketball scores.

He also added that the company was doubtful if Twitter will have the same credibility if it was acquired and made it clear that the company will go into future partnerships with Twitter.

Our Comments

As we mentioned before, Twitter is one of the biggest websites in the world but has yet to pull in the amount of traffic that would justify the investment and hopes that many have placed on the company. Put it in other words, Twitter has yet to deliver enough revenues.

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