Netflix To Bring Streaming Content To Apple's iPhone?

Popular movie streaming service NetFlix is planning to develop an application for the iPhone smartphone, which will allow users to view their favorite movies and TV programs right from their iPhone device without paying extra charges, Hacking NetFlix has reported.

Hacking NetFlix, a blog dedicated to news and information related to NetFlix, reported that users of the popular movie renting and streaming service had surveyed its users, asking them if they would prefer an iPhone application which will allow them to watch movies on their iPhone device, using a WiFi connection.

An excerpt of the survey posted on the blog indicated that the NetFlix application for the iPhone platform will be designed to offer users the ultimate NetFlix experience by offering them a chance to watch their favorite movies and TV programs instantly, without any any trailers and advertisements.

The users will be able to stream movies in less than 30 seconds and will be able to play, pause, rewind, fast forward or watch the movie again by the help of a WiFi connection.

However, NetFlix representatives, talking to Reuters, dismissed the speculations of a iPhone application and said in statement that "Netflix has the goal of being ubiquitous on whatever device you want to watch movies and TV episodes on. We do a number of surveys. At any given time Netflix has more than 20 surveys going."

Our Comments

Netflix for the iPhone is an entertaining idea. The problem is that Netflix for now is limited to the US and there is limited room for expansion there. Furthermore, while WiFi transmission is great, more often than not it is limited by the coverage. Last but not least, why watch movies on the iPhone when you have the iPad.

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