Opera Pushes Native Mini Browser On Windows Mobile 5 & 6

Opera Software, the company behind the popular Opera desktop web browser, has announced the launch of the native Opera Mini 5 beta for smartphones based on Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

The native Opera Mini browser is designed to improve the overall performance and enhance the web browsing experience on Windows Mobile devices.

According to a statement released by the company, Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile does not require Java software to run on the device, which means that the browser can run on any Windows device.

Opera Mini 5 beta comes with all the features of the Java version including, tabbed browsing, password manager, speed dials and bookmarks.

Expressing his views on the launch of the browser, Dag Olav Norem, Vice President of Products, Opera Software, said in a statement that "Even though Opera has 50 million satisfied Opera Mini users, we always seek ways to improve our browser for each and every mobile phone user out there."

The company also added that one of the most interesting features that came with the browser on other platforms; the ability to compress the data traffic by almost 90 percent, resulting in a faster browser experience.

This function also allows lower data loads that result in a low browsing costs when the user is on a pay-per-MB plan or on roaming.

Our Comments

March has been a very good month for Opera with the recent release of Opera 10.5 and the fact that it has been a very popular version from launch. We'd like to know whether the browser will be available on the Windows Phone 7 Series set to launch soon.

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