Valve sends Steam on Mac teaser pics

It looks like rumours that Steam's Valve game delivery system is, indeed, coming to the Apple Mac, if teaser pictures sent to a number of top tech websites turn out to be genuine.

The images, which were reportedly sent by the company to a number of Mac and non-Mac news portals, cheekily lampoon Apple advertising campaigns throughout the company's history.

The first, which was sent to Rock Paper Shotgun, is a rethinking of the original Mac Classic newspaper ads which launched the first commercially available Apple computer.

The text reads: In the olden days, people had to go to stores to buy games. It was awful. Not many people knew how. And not many people wanted to learn. Seminars. Wallet manuals. Walking classes. Remembering to carry money. It was so complicated you'd have to be a store expert to remember it all.

The second image, sent to Mac NN shows two robotic characters from Team Fortress 2 and Portal playing the characters in the 'I'm a Mac' TV adverts.

Shacknew was sent this Image of another Team Fortress character, this time playing homage to the familiar iPod dancing silhouettes campaign.

Characters from Left 4 Dead have replaced Albert Einstein in the Think Different campaign of a few years back. This one was sent to Eurogamer.

This one's a bit more subtle, but if you look closely at Half Life hero Gordon Freeman's breastplate, you might just spot an Apple logo.

And finally, the folks at Macworld found this pastiche of Apple's Big Brother Superbowl campaign featuring Half Life 2's Alyx Vance lurking in their in-box.