Wales To Become Digital UK Nation On 31st Of March

At an event at the Wales Millennium Centre, the nation's First Minister Carwyn Jones unveiled a countdown clock to indicate when Wales will be switching off its last analogue system, therefore completing the country's transition into a digital powerhouse.

The rest of the United Kingdom will have to wait for another year or two before the transition is completed. Scotland will get it next year while England and Northern Ireland will have to wait for 2012.

Interestingly, the man in charge of the transition in Wales, Emyr Byron Hughes, said that the Welsh people are reportedly more tech-savvy because the switch has been relatively painless in Wales and significantly less have called call centres to get some help.

In related news, plans for BBC digital channels, BBC3 and BBC4, could be severely curtailed as the corporation tries to cut costs across the board. It has already announced that it will be slashing budgets for its online activities by 25 percent and will be reviewing its operations.

The BBC Trust will be aiming to save around £600 million in a bid to prepare itself for a forthcoming Tories government which might be coercing the Beeb into looking ways to reduce its influence on commercial segments like online Video on Demand or Online.