Windows 7 'sells' 90 million copies

Microsoft may finally have laid the ghost of Vista to rest having announced that the Redmond company has 'sold' 90 million copies of its latest operating system.

Perhaps 'sold' isn't exactly the right word as the vast majority of new computer buyers will be forced into using Windows 7 because it is preinstalled by just about every OEM on the planet.

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein told attendees of the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference in San Francisco earlier this week that, "Heading into 2010 and 2011, we’re starting to see incredible interest from our enterprise customers to start deployments of Windows 7. The interest has been very high, and we’re now having conversations with the majority of our enterprise customers who are making plans to deploy Windows 7."

Following revelations at an Intel launch last week that BMW had as many as 30,000 PCs currently running the geriatric Windows XP operating system, and that it was getting on for a decade since they had considered a refresh, the perceived popularity of Windows 7 is better late than never for Microsoft.

There's no doubt that Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever released (or at very least the best since XP) but we can't help thinking that the vast majority of those 90 million punters would have been happy to pay for anything other than the bloated, broken mess that was Vista.

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner has also confidently predicted that Microsoft will ship another 300 million copies of Windows 7, mainly to enterprise, in 2010.