Advisor thinks global warming is a religion

It has been revealed that evidence given to a parliamentary enquiry into the Climategate hacking scandal came from an industry consultant who believes that global warming is a religion.

The evidence - which was presented as part of a probe into the behaviour of climate scientists at the University of East Anglia, who have been accused of footling with the figures to meet their own ends - was taken from a paper written by one Peter Gill.

Unfortunately, the Grauniad has been doing a bit of digging around in Gill's past and has discovered that, not only does he work for some of the world's biggest fossil fuel companies, he also holds some pretty odd views on the whole issue of climate change.

In 2008, Gill wrote in the Institute of Physics newsletter, "If you don't 'believe' in anthropogenic climate change, you risk at best ridicule, but more likely vitriolic comments or even character assassination. Unfortunately, for many people the subject has become a religion, so facts and analysis have become largely irrelevant."