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Breaking : Google To Launch Cheaper, Stripped Down Nexus One?

Google may launch a more affordable version of its Nexus One smartphone with less features to attract users from emerging economies like India and Russia.

After an short interview (or editorial meeting) with the Managing Director of Google India (opens in new tab), Shailesh Rao and Gaurav Bhaskar (opens in new tab), Global Communications & Public Affairs Manager at Google India, Ankit Vengurlekar (opens in new tab), Anchor and Producer at CNBC TV In India, wrote on his Twitter (opens in new tab) account that "Nexus One will not come to India in its US avatar, the India specific Google Phone may be a stripped down version and priced lower!"

The original Nexus One phone is available in the US for $529 excluding delivery and value added Tax and it would be interesting to see whether Google keeps the same moniker, Nexus One, for that version or adopts a new one like Nexus One Micro (or mini, like the N97 Mini).

More interestingly, we'd be quite intrigued to know if the model will be launched in India only or whether it will be available to other more mature markets.

Based on previous "downsizing" exercises, one can expect that the prospective Nexus One Micro will have a smaller screen, less memory, a blander box and possibly a less capable processor.

(Thanks to Amit from Labnol for the headsup (opens in new tab))

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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