Coffee-proof keyboard launched

Texan peripheral maker Econokeys has announced the EK-97-TP, a full-size keyboard with a built in touch-pad which is aimed at hospitals and other places where nasty fluids could be flying around.

The company reckons that the average mouse or keyboard in a shared environment can harbour 70 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Most of us are about as likely to lick either.

The keyboard has fully sealed keys and has no seams or crevices, meaning it is resistant to splashing, hose directed fluids (stop sniggering at the back) and even full submersion.

Anyone who has been through dozens of keyboards killed by coffee would be more than happy to pay the hefty $156 price tag to not have to go through the anguish of mopping up a spilled beverage and praying that it didn't get deep into the innards of yet another keyboard.

The keyboard will deal with all sorts of other flying fluids as well. Like, um, bleach and disinfectant.