Ebay Super Fraudster Jailed For Only Four years

The mastermind behind the biggest auction fraud ever carried out on eBay, has been punished with a four year prison sentence by the Snaresbrook crown court, whose Judge Jacqueline Beech, described the fraud as a 'highly sophisticated and profitable' operation.

Gary Bellchambers, who lived in Essex County, ran a fraudulent eBay-based operation which involved selling fake golf clubs and other golfing accessories, to unsuspecting customers.

Bellchambers, who pleaded guilty of all charges, was aided by his sister Sharon Williams and his former boss Roy Cottee. Keith Thomas and Chris Moughton, who were also involved in the operation, pleaded guilty along with their boss.

Meanwhile, eBay, which one of the world's most popular shopping destinations, was working tirelessly with the Havering Council and issued a statement saying that the company was glad that the criminals got what they deserved.

According to the evidence provided by the council, which had gotten wind of a scam after a customer complained of having purchased fake golf clubs, it was found that the fake clubs were manufactured in China, where they were trafficked by a network of criminals.

The council also revealed that the criminals had managed to pull in $3 million (roughly £2 million) over a period of five years.

Our Comments

The whole operation should have been dismantled a few years ago and it is a shame that the scammers were able to run free for as long as five years. Seriously though, there are many other scammers in operation some of which are located outside the country.

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