Finally! Sony Set To Release PSP-Like Smartphone

Sony will be releasing a string of high profile products that, the company hopes, will help it regain the edge against the likes of Google and Apple.

The Wall Street Journal says that the Japanese consumer electronics giant is preparing a new gaming smartphone (it already has the PS3-compatible Aino) as well as a multi functional tablet computer that will take on Apple's soon-to-be launched iPad device.

The phone is likely to be rolled out courtesy of Sony Ericsson and will apparently play Playstation games, even the older ones, by downloading them from an iTunes-like online store which will be called Sony Online Service (SOS).

SOS is likely to offer everything from books to games, mobile applications, video and audio and could turn out to be one of the biggest challengers to Apple's hegemony.

Sony knows that Apple's user base is growing fast and that the number of games available for the smartphone will be expanding exponentially as more tier-1 game developers join the platform.

We've expressed our interest in a PSP Phone since last year when the new PSP Go was launched. The small format of Sony's new gaming device coupled with the fact that it had all the features that a gamer on the move might seek meant that there was only two things missing; being able to send a text and make a call.