Google Adds Auto Caption To Youtube Videos

Popular online video sharing service YouTube, has made available a nifty auto-caption feature to all its users, which will enable them to watch their favorite YouTube videos in the language of their choice, but for now, the service only offers auto-caption for videos in English.

YouTube, which was acquired by search engine giant Google in 2006, has emerged as the most popular video sharing service on the world wide web and has over a billion page views every day.

According to a statement released by the company, YouTube's auto-caption feature is based on the text-to-speech algorithms that runs on Google Voice, which automatically generates captions for the video being played.

Google claims that the auto-caption feature will be able to support 50 languages that will broaden the already massive user base enjoyed by the company.

Interestingly, the addition of the feature, which went into beta testing in November last year, will allow people with hearing impairments to enjoy YouTube's large selection of videos and also allow people to watch videos in crowded places.

However, the feature is not entirely accurate and users have reported a few minor glitches with the way the feature displays the text although we suspect that Google will come up with a crowdsourcing functionality that, like Google Translate, allows users to correct the errors themselves.

Our Comments

Google works on a "just good enough" basis it seems. Their translation and speech to text features are just good enough to be helpful and will allow niche players and smaller translation companies to be able to survive. The auto-translation service is also available in the browser.

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