Google Cans SearchWiKi, Introduces Stars In Results

Google is ditching its one-year-old SearchWiki service for a new feature that would help web searchers to personalise their search results in an easier and more interactive manner.

The new feature allows users to tick a star marker next to the search results they prefer. These results would go in Google's database, and would be featured the next time the user carries out search with similar keywords.

Starring is already available with Google's mail service Gmail, enabling users to mark up their important mails by ticking onto star icon next to them, turning it to gold from colourless. The system is also available with Google Reader and could possibly be extended to other services from Google as well.

Unlike the erstwhile SearchWiki feature, the newly launched star feature simplifies the user's future searches containing similar keywords without affecting the organic Google rankings at all.

Websites carrying star markers will be synchronised with the Google Toolbar, which is designed to manage the starred items just like other bookmarks.

Google's product manager Cedric Dupont touted the star feature by saying, "The great thing about stars is that you don't have to keep track of them. You don't even have to remember whether or not you starred something. Simply perform a search and you'll rediscover your starred items right when you need them."

Our Comments

Starring is better than SearchWiki, that's a given. The problem though is that the SERPs pages on Google are increasingly becoming busier as the algorithm pulls (and places) shopping results, video results, real time results and results from Wikipedia on top of SERPs.

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