Intel embeds Atom in NAS devices

Intel launched its first embedded Atom processor-based platform optimised for networked homes and small office storage devices in Hangover yesterday.

The platform consists of either a single-core Atom D410 or a dual-core D510 combined with Intel's 82801IR I/O Controller. The chip maker reckons companies such as LaCie, LG Electronics, QNAP, Synology and Thecus are fiddling about with the idea.

It says the new Pineview Atoms consume about half the power of their predecessors yet can do more, too.

In a statement, Seth Bobroff, general manager, Intel Data Center Group, Storage said: "Today, households and small offices have an ever-increasing number of computers, laptops, netbooks and mobile phones that create and consume digital content. This advancement in mobility coupled with the explosive growth of data and media are creating the need for centralised, easy-to-use network storage solutions for the home and small office."

The platform features six PCI Express lanes, 12 USB 2.0 ports, a port multiplier function and eSATA ports that give OEMs the ability to add peripheral devices and expand storage capacity outside of the box.

It also features hot-plug capabilities for easy capacity upgrades and an integrated gigabit Ethernet MAC controller for improved data transfers to and from the home server or small office NAS device.