Nvidia driver causes overheating

The latest Nvidia driver has been blamed for overheating graphics cards after game beta testers experienced problems with inoperative cooling fans.

Several gamers carrying out beta testing for Blizzard's forthcoming Starcraft II space battler noticed that their systems were reporting insane temperature increases of up to 104 degrees centigrade, leading them to blame the game developer for the burn-out, according to Incgamers.

Blizzard techies quickly investigated the complaints from forum posters - some of whom said that their hardware had been permanently fried - and discovered that the problem was caused by the latest Nvidia 196.75 drivers.

The driver is apparently failing to properly control system cooling fans and the issue is not limited to the Starcraft beta, or the GPU.

The report says that running the offending driver could affect every single 3D intensive application, and in extreme cases could cause damage to the motherboard or the processor as well as the graphics card.

Nvidia has removed the 196.75 driver from its web site and recommends that users return to the previous 196.21 WHQL version.