Transcend shows off USB 3.0 hard drive

Transcend showed off a new external USB 3.0 hard drive here at CeBIT this week

The Storejet Superspeed 25D3 USB hard drive is a two-and-a-half-inch drive, initially available in a capacity of 640GB. It takes advantage of the massive theoretical maxumum data transfer which the new USB 3.0 interface claims to offer.

The product, to be launched in April, will be followed by models of greater capacity, assuming there's a demand for such a device. We don't see why not.

Transcend general manager George Linardatos said USB 3.0 offers data throughput rates of 5Gb per second, ten times that of USB 2.0.

Although Transcend manufactures its own memory and interface products, the hard disk housed in the 25D3 is made by a third party, Linardatos confessed.

Pricing details will be made available closer to launch.