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Twitter Reaches 10 Billionth Tweet Milestone

Popular microblogging website Twitter has revealed that it has served its 10 billionth tweet last night at 1am GMT, one which was sent from a protected profile and which shall remain a mystery forever.

Unlike the marketing campaign by Apple a few days earlier to find out who was the one who downloaded their 10 billionth track from iTunes, Twitter did not dish out any voucher or prizes to the person who did it.

Gigatweet (opens in new tab), a service whose sole purpose is to count Twitter messages, calculated Twitter will produce its 20 billionth twitter by October 2010 and is currently growing at the rate of roughly 66 million per tweet per day.

Twitter said last month that back in 2007, there were 5000 tweets a day, the year later, that reached 300,000 and in 2009, that number reached 2.5 million a day. Now this has reached more than 760 tweets a second.

The three-year old website is already the 12th most visited website on the internet. In comparison though Windows Live Messenger records nine billion messages per day and 1.5 billion conversations.

Worse, other social networking websites like Facebook attract more traffic it seems. Users of the latter spend a whopping eight billion minutes on the site each day while Youtube serves more than one billion videos a day.

Our Comments

Twitter reached the 5-billion tweet milestone back in October 2009, which means that it doubled in size in less than five months. The next milestone (and the one after that) will be even more exciting. The problem though is that a significant amount of this comes from spammy sources, unfortunately.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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