£430 LG 42PQ6000 42-Inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV With Freeview

The HD Ready PQ6000 series has LG innovative single layer technology to provide an award winning frameless design. High-definition television, or HDTV, is a new standard of TV with better-quality picture and sound than normal TV, the sort of standard you would see at a cinema.

HDTV brings you closer to the action, offering more colours and a higher resolution picture (twice as many horizontal lines). This can make HDTV images clearer, sharper, more detailed and very lifelike.

With LG, you’ll be ready for the digital switchover. By 2012, all areas of the UK will receive TV in digital as opposed to analogue.

Freeview is a subscription free service which brings up to 48 digital TV channels including ITV2, E4, BBC3, and Film4 plus 24 digital radio stations, no contract and no satellite dish.

Connect your games console, blu-ray player or home cinema system through the 3 HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports for a true High Definition multimedia experience.

With AV mode, you can customise picture settings to suit what you watch. LG TVs have three special modes (Cinema, Sport and Game modes) for enhanced picture and audio quality. These are easily accessible using the AV MODE hot key on the remote control.

Cinema Mode - Watch movies with vivid colour, smoother motion and cinematic sound effect. Sport Mode – Takes you closer to the action by emphasising the main colours and reducing motion blur. Game Mode – Optimises the TV for computer and / or games console for a more dynamic gaming experience.

The USB 2.0 feature allows you to connect a USB mass storage device to your LG product in order to play audio (MP3) files, display JPEG pictures and DivX Movies, enabling you to quickly transfer photographs and music to your TV.

LG 600Hz Sub-Field Driving Plasma technology provides zero motion blur and the ultimate razor sharp response time perfect for watching high speed viewing such as sports and movies.

The front bezel works as a speaker, replacing the normal speaker grill. With the Invisible Speaker System, the speakers are embedded in strategic spots underneath and around the front bezel.

They enhance the audio by increasing the ‘sweet spot’ to give a wider and richer sound field. This speaker system provides a clean and fashionable design compared with traditional side or bottom speaker designs.

This LG 42PQ6000 Plasma television set is on sale from Amazon for only £430 including delivery.