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More Details Of Microsoft Courier iPad Killer Emerge

A wealth of details have emerged about Microsoft's secret new project, Courier, which may yield a dual-screen iPad-like device that's powered by Nviia's Tegra 2 processor and come with Windows CE 6.

Popular technology website Engadget received photos and details of the device from a "deep throat" who claims that the "Digital Journal" device will be less than 25mm thich and roughly 13x18cm when closed.

At just over 500g, it may end up being significantly lighter than the Apple iPad whose non-3G version weighs around 700g. Like the latter, the Courier is also said to come with an ARM-based processor and a phone-like OS (the same that powers the ZuneHD) rather than Windows 7.

Amongst other nuggets of information are the fact that Courier will come with a stylus and support handwriting recognition plus a webcam and a headphone socket.

Engadget also reports that Microsoft will come up with a dedicated platform for its ebook tablet or digital journal. This possibly means something similar to Apple's iBookstore.

Expect one to go on sale in the second half of 2010 with prices and availability still unknown. Oh and like the Zune, we do not expect it to go on sale outside US for a foreseeable future.

Our Comments

Microsoft may have a great product but as it was the case for the Zune, could end up making a mess out of it because of distribution restrictions. Why wasn't the Zune or the Zune HD ever released (officially) in the UK? It was certainly not due to capacity constraints.

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