Apple Broadcasts First iPad Advert During Oscars

Apple is gearing up for the launch of its iPad tablet on the 3rd of April and has kickstarted its marketing campaign by airing its first iPad TV advert during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Steve Jobs was also present there in a more formal tuxedo (rather than his signature turtleneck and his trademark blue jeans) and attended the ceremony as the largest individual shareholder in Disney after the sale of Pixar to the content giant.

Interestingly, the ad shows that the iPad is kind of awkward to hold according to one commentator, with legs and laps being used most of the time to support the device.

As Cnet put it, the video "might just have been shot by a camera hovering over Steve Jobs' head when he launched the product January 27 [in San Francisco]".

There's nothing new that we will learn but the first person perspective does give an interesting insight on how Apple expects the user to interact with the device.

The iPad will go on sale in the US on the 12th of March with a launch on the 3rd of April. The rest of the world will follow by the end of next month. You can find more about the iPad through our extensive list of articles published here.

Our Comments

Apple's marketing machine is ready to steamroll the competition now. Expect the Kindle to simply disappear as the iPad takes the stage. Many millions will be spent on [online] advertising over the next few weeks as Apple makes sure that the iPad is a roaring success.

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