Breaking : Apple iPad Advert Kind Of Fake?

One thing that becomes evident during the 30-second video is that some pictures of the video footage have been used to illustrate the iPad web page on Apple ever since it launched back in January 2010.

We've spotted the same bookshelf, the same book (True Compass : A Memoir by Senator Edward Kennedy), Star Trek : The movie, The Eiffel Tower In Maps etc.

One Caucasian male and one female were used in the advert, both of them wearing grey long sleeved sweaters (potentially a grey turtleneck like the one below), one with jeans and boots, the other one with blue skirt and beige leather shoes.

Our image analysts in the office also carried out a second-by-second dissection of the adverts itself and pointed to the fact that some of the pictures are too "squeaky clean", far too clean for what is, at face value, untouched video.

The longer they looked at the advert, the more they were convinced that some of the video footage of the iPad were superimposed on pictures of the legs of both actors in post production.

Check for example half way in the video (15s to 16s), it appears that for a split second, the iPad levitates in the air as the actor pivots it from portrait to landscape.

Same thing goes for what happens at 22s when the actor switches on the keyboard option; the iPad holds in place when in practice, it should slide down your lap (remember, the guy's feet are on a coffee table and he's sitting).

You can view the video below. Pay particular attention to the background, not the particular device itself. Note also that Apple doesn't have any disclaimer for this advert, which means that in theory, everything that you see in the video is true.