iPhone 4G To Come With Video Calling According To New O2 Tariffs

O2's new Simplicity SIM-only tariffs were unveiled a few days ago and it seems that the Telefonica owned mobile network has accidentally confirmed the rumour that the next iPhone will come with video calls (and a front-facing camera).

The new Simplicity tariff lists (more details here), under its key features, the fact that it comes with UK video calls, which will cost the same as UK voice calls. It's only one line and could well be a mistake but that's highly unlikely.

SIMPlicity is available on 1-month and 1-year tariffs for the iPhone, the Blackberry, other smartphones and simpler feature phones, for as little as £10 a month (you can view our comparison of SIM-only UK tariffs here).

Martin Bryant from the Next Web explains though that O2 will certainly put a price on the feature to prevent its customers from moving the card to another smartphone (although we fail to see how this will affect O2's profitability).

There have already been signs that the iPhone will come with some sort of video conferencing feature. This has included faceplace photos and telltale codes in the iPhone SDK.

The next iPhone is set to be unveiled at the Apple's annual Worldwide Conference and will certainly come with an ARM-processor (Cortext A8, A9 or A4?), a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi-N and possibly a higher resolution (you can read more about our iPhone 4G coverage here).

Our Comments

It does makes sense for Apple to have a video call feature built in because most of its partners have it. However, this functionality is still largely unused by most users and is, on the whole, considered as a gimmick. But that may change soon as more powerful processors coupled with faster networks make smooth playback a reality.

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