Microsoft Demos Game That Works On PC, Mobile & Console Platforms

Software giant Microsoft, the company behind the Zune media player and the Xbox 360 console, has showcased the cross-platform gaming technology at the company's Tech ED Middle East conference in Dubai.

The keynote presentation, which has caused a ripple through out the gaming world, was given by the company's Senior Vice President of Technical Strategy, Eric Rudder.

He demonstrated a Windows based cross platform gaming solution by playing the same Indiana Jones game first on a Windows 7 PC, then on a Windows 7 Mobile based smartphone and then on the Xbox 360 gaming console.

This revelation made by Microsoft will change the way people play games on their Windows based devices, allowing them to play the same game across three platforms, without much effort from the developers.

Users will be able to play the games with a PC keyboard, a Xbox 360 controller or a Windows 7 based phone's accelerometer.

Interestingly, according to the demonstration given by Eric Rudder, users will be able to save the game on their PC or their Xbox 360 and continue playing the game from where they left it on their Windows 7 based smartphone, thanks to the cloud based storage and sync technology.

Our Comments

According to Engadget blog, the Indiana Jones game demonstrated by Rudder was developed by Visual Studios and the three versions of the game have almost 90 percent code in common. Importantly, it could also mean that there will only be one licence for the users to pay.

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