Microsoft To Pit Bing Against Google Search In National Ad Campaign

The Guardian has revealed that software giant Microsoft will shortly commence a multi-million pound advertisement campaign in the UK, in an attempt to challenge the extensive dominance of Google in the UK search engine market.

According to an article on the news site, the software giant has come with a three-month long advertisement campaign with the help of the world-renowned advertisement company JWT, which will include three TV advertisements that will revolve around the punchline, 'Bing and decide'.

Commenting on the upcoming advertisement campaign, the managing director and vice-president of consumer and online at Microsoft UK, Ashley Highfield, said in a statement that "People feel overawed by the internet and what they turn up when they are searching. We are also in a world where people have forgotten there is an alternative search engine."

The Guardian also reported that the advertisements will run on UK TV channels for two months straight and then after every two weeks continuing till mid-June.

A Microsoft spokesperson also revealed that the TV advertisement campaign will be followed by a highly targeted digital campaign through out the country, making full use of digital media and social networking tools.

Our Comments

It is one of those epic fights between two giants. Microosft has chosen the UK because it is one of the biggest markets for Google and if the advertising campaigns fails here, it is likely to suffer the same fate elsewhere. So expect Microsoft Bing to come out fighting over the next few weeks.

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