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No iPhone Tethering For the Apple iPad Says Jobs

AppleInsider, a blog dedicated to news related to Apple, has reported that the upcoming iPad tablet device, which will be launched on 3rd April in the US, will not be able to tether to the iPhone in order to use its data connection.

A report on AppleInsider revealed that a Swedish Apple user emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking whether the iPad will be able to tether to the iPhone in order to use the smartphone as a gateway to access the internet besides the WiFi and 3G data access.

Steve Jobs apparently personally denied the possibility of a tethering function, in an email sent from his iPhone.

The news does not come as a surprise as back in 2008, the company had removed a tethering application from the app store, indicating that the company had no intention to allow tethering on one its devices.

Since then, Apple and its long standing 3G services provider AT&T, have remained silent about the subject.

Tethering allows a device with a 3G internet connection to hook-up with other devices, to let them harness its network for using the internet. And now, it seems clear that the much awaited tablet device, will not be able to hook-up with the iPhone in order to access the internet.

Our Comments

This removes the possibility of having the WiFi iPad using the data capabilities of the iPhone 3G to access the internet. Yet, it could have given one more reason for iPhone users to go out and buy the device when it comes out in April.

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