Olive Telecom AAA battery phone

The FrvrOn V-G2300 is launching in India with Olive Telecom, a long way from the UK but it caught my attention because of its nifty hybrid power mode. If the standard lithium-ion battery runs out of juice, users can slot in an AAA battery to get an extra hour of service.

Budget handsets have been my radar while I’ve been using a VX1, and I think I’d prefer to have one of these. Additional features that add interest, gimmicks, or even practical usability can really up the value of a phone, but the price here has been kept right down. It has an FM radio as well.

Selling in India for around £25 ($37), the FrvrOn is a basic voice and text phone, with an obvious appeal to those based in rural areas, travelling, or just suffering from erratic power supply. Hybrid power is an idea that’s been around the block before and appeared in the UK, but I’ve never seen it need just a single AAA battery to work.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com