Will the iPad have Iphone tethering?

Swedish tech blogger Jezper Söderlund decided to ask Apple supremo Steve Jobs whether the forthcoming iPad would be capable of using the iPhone's 3G connection for on-the-move internet access.

Using Jobs' well known sjobs@apple.com address, the Slashat hack posed the question about tethering, no doubt expecting not to receive a reply.

Posing as an Apple punter, he wrote: "I'm awaiting the release of the iPad. However, I have one question: Will the wifi-only version somehow support tethering through my iPhone?"

Apparently Jobs replied from his iPhone with what can only be described as a short response:


Well... that clears that one up then.

We have to admit that it seems a bit narrow-minded of Apple to assume that iPhone users will be prepared to sign up for a second 3G contract in order to use the iPad's roaming Internet access when away from a wifi hotspot.

The only thing denying users the ability to tether to their iPhone will achieve, as far as we can see, is giving disgruntled owners yet another reason to jailbreak the holy handset.