Apple iPad To Launch At Expansys, Play

The usual suspects are lining up to sell Apple latest gadget, the iPad, when it goes on sale late next month; already Expansys and have online listings for the product without price or exact availability.

Earlier today, Electricpig reported that Play had leaked the price of the iPad (non-3G) via Google Products but apparently, the list was removed, possibly because of Apple's intervention (accompanied by some terse words, we suspect). listed the 16GB version for £499.99, with the 32GB version costing £599.99 and the 64GB one going for as high as £699.99. Obviously, some have noticed that might simply have swapped the Dollar sign for the Sterling one.

The online retailer, which is probably receiving some significant free publicity, has placed placed "notify me" buttons on the three placeholder pages.

Expansys also has placeholders for the three versions of the iPad (which are all listed under the Slate PC category). Unlike Play, you will be able to preorder the iPad at Expansys although the e-tailer won't charge you until the product actually ships.

Furthermore, Expansys will offer you discounts on orders of five units and more. Expansys will also sell the iPad in South Africa, China, Cyprus and Hong Kong apparently, all of which are not on Apple's initial shipping list.

Amazon has also been confirmed as the third retailer to ship the non-3G iPad (in the US at least, no UK listings yet).