ASA To Start Regulating Facebook & Twitter

The Advertisement Standards Agency (ASA) has announced that it will be setting up protocols for companies that have a profile page on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

According to a fresh proposal of advertising standards, the ASA is planning to set up new advertisement protocol in this emerging medium of advertising in which the agency has currently no jurisdiction over.

One particular thing in the Agency's agenda is regulating the advertisement in popular social networking platforms like Facebook and micro-blogging giant Twitter.

Commenting, on the issue at hand, the ASA released a statement saying that “This landmark move for advertising self-regulation seeks to address societal concerns and will increase protection for consumers and children.”

According to the new regulations, the Advertisement Standards Agency will be able to monitor advertisement activities of companies on social networking platforms along with company websites.

The ASA is governed by a set of codes called the Committee of Advertising Practises (CAP), and currently nearly two-thirds of complaints received by the agency are not covered by CAP. Therefore, this move will look to empower the ASA in order to keep up with the changing face of the advertisement industry, as the popularity of social networking platforms is increasing day by day.