BBC Sends C&D Letters To Third Party iPlayer Developers

The British Broadcasting Corporation, the outfit behind the popular catch-up service iPlayer, has issued cease and desist orders to a pair of developers working on a third-party iPhone application for the iPlayer.

BBC came to know about the application from the official filing that the developers had filed with Apple, and procured court orders, forcing them not to develop the application any further.

The application, called, was designed to allow iPhone users to select iPlayer programs from RSS feeds and download them for later viewing. The application had the potential to let users watch their favorite iPlayer programs while on the move even with no network available. was developed by the Manchester based developer team Camiloo, which added an expiry mechanism to the application, which would automatically delete the downloaded content after a pre-assigned period of time.

According to an article on the Register, Camiloo had approached the BBC with the application but was told to wait for somebody from the corporation to contact them.

It seems that the BBC is bent upon offering only video streaming services for the iPlayer and is not in favor of allowing users to download iPlayer content even if it comes with a copyright protecting mechanism.