BSkyB Showcases Sky3D Service In London

BSkyB has announced plans to showcase the Sky 3D service at a London shopping mall. Under a new program the company will give a demonstration of the 3D content developed in the past 2 years, in malls across the country.

According to a company spokesperson, BSkyB will showcase its 3D channel at the Westfield shopping center on March 12th 2010, providing a preview of what the Sky 3D service will be like when it is launched across the nation.

The demo at the London mall will include 3D programs that were filmed over a period of 2 years, along with a 3D broadcast of last month's Burberry Show which took place during the London Fashion Week.

Shoppers will be provided with polarized glasses for viewing the 3D demo, which will also feature boxing matches, ballets, golf, tennis, movies and live music. Most interestingly, in order to attract football junkies, the demo will also feature a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

BSkyB will set up competitions in which shoppers will have a chance to win 3D enabled TV sets, a Sky+ HD set top box, and a subscription for the company's top tier TV pack. Apart from the demonstration at the Westfield mall, Sky 3D will stage similar shows in 100 other malls across UK.