China Launching Secret Cyberwar On Western Countries

Several internet security experts around the world have warned that an international cyber war is under way with China attacking European and American agencies in order to steal sensitive intelligence information.

Warnings have been issued to all Nato nations and the European Union, advising them to protect whatever data they deem sensitive as cyber attacks ensuing from the People's Republic of China grow at an alarming rate.

In addition, officials reported that US government and intelligence agencies have also suffered from cyber attacks, which target the pool of data of sensitive nature stored on their servers.

According to an official report released in the US, the number of attacks on US agencies has risen to 1.2 billion per month, over a significantly short period of time.

The European Union has emerged as a hot target for Chinese hackers as its cyber security measures are inferior to those implemented by the US and the UK.

Commenting on the lack of cyber vigilance on EU's part, James Lewis, of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, statemed that "The porousness of the European institutions makes them a good target for penetration. They are of interest to the Chinese on issues from arms sales and nuclear non-proliferation to Tibet and energy."