Google gets users to build Street View wiki

Google said it wants to let users of Street View edit the service to add local colour in the hope of making it more useful.

Naturally, Google is interested in information on businesses and the potential of location-based advertising remains encouraging if largely untapped.

Last week, Google began allowing users to edit business information flagged on Street View. Now the search giant will even allow you to move the tags, many of which are badly positioned.

"Sometimes you may find a place in Google Maps that isn't quite positioned where it should be," says the Google blog.

You can now "use our map editing feature to move it to the right place". Coo!

"Moving the marker to the right location is not always that easy, a Gurgle writes, "So now we have added one more very handy reference for making a map marker edit: Street View images. It makes the edit much easier."

This week Google pronounced Shambles in York as Britain's most picturesque street in the inaugural Street View awards. It's flag was roughly in the right place.