Google Launches Public Data Explorer Tool

Google Inc. announced Monday, the launch of Public Data Explorer, a new experimental application offered via Google Labs that could help everyone, from students to policy makers, in preparing informative charts using public data.

This new application could prove to be instrumental in helping people to prepare charts regarding public data, such as fertility rates, demographics, crime rates, and the likes, along with graphs demonstrating recent trends.

The search engine giant also released an interactive catalogue of the most commonly used search terms that can be used in a wide range of public data, on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of unidentified search info.

Of the most popular search terms, comparisons between schools and unemployment rated the highest, followed by demographics, sales tax, and wages.

The catalogue actually provides searchers with some handy public data that can be converted into interactive charts as well as graphs over a span of time.

Along with its former partners, such as the World Bank, US Census Bureau, and US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the search engine bellwether has also added the US Centre of Disease Control, the California Department of Education, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation, Eurostat, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis to its list of public data providers.