How tech went Gaga in Hanover

The old days are under review. A new order is forming. And it's at 90 degrees, compass point East.

It's not that CeBit is dying. Far from it. Much business was done here, much information exchanged, palms pressed to palm and cheeks to cheek.

New products were shown off quietly, if not in abundance. Quiet trends are seen emerging, based as ever, on mobile communications, now on multi-function, on touch and tablet.

There were grumblings around the Halle about stay-away companies. Mobile companies, it seems, prefer Barcelona's Mobile World Congress, which is leeching attention away from the the biggest IT show on Earth.

And like the IT industry in general, the momentum is moving eastwards. Will this year's Computex in Taipei finally prize the title of world's biggest trade fair from CeBIT's grasp? It's not unlikely. It's certainly more a question when rather than if.


Companies questioning the worth of gettting out and meeting customers and suppliers face to face. Executives are increasingly hiding behind emails and net-meetings. The expense of the trade show can be siginifcant and to some in the current climate, prohibitive.

In belt-tightening times, the marketing budget can be one of the first to go. It takes balls and vision to spend your way through a storm - as well as a decent product.

CeBIT wasn't without its depths or is dramas. And it's the non-tangibles the atmosphere of a trade show brings that are difficult to account for on the bottom line.

You can sit behind a computer screen for months, but there's nothing like the thrill of a chase and the cold-blooded kill to get the pulse ticking.

The bars of Hangover were buzzing - so long as you chose the right ones - and some old friends became re-acquainted. Some shared their snaps.

Highlight of the week has to be the incredibily versatile band rousing the crowds in the on-Messegelande Munchen Halle.

From the old German oopah drinking favourites, the band whizzed forward via Deep Purple and Elton John to the firework-enhanced chest of Lady Gaga in a dazzling display of virtuousity. Unfortunately, she fizzled out just as we took the snap.