HP Slate Supports Flash Unlike Apple's iPad

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard has released a video of its slate like device, which takes a swipe at Apple's iPad tablet device, by demonstrating Adobe Flash player on the tablet, which will runs on Microsoft's Windows 7 OS.

The video was released to point out out the fact that Apple's iPad doesn't support Adobe's Flash platform, on which a significant percentage of the web content including videos and online animations are based.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, had explained that the reason Flash was absent from the iPad was because the software was buggy, slow and was vulnerable to hackers.

However, HP has decided to market its device around the inability of the iPad to support the Flash environment and released the video pointing out the many things that HP Slate can do using the Flash platform including playing videos, viewing pictures and playing online games.

The company posted two videos related to the Slate device, the first being a 30-second long advert similar to the one released by Apple during the Oscars award ceremony

The other is a 5-minute long video which featured Adobe's Alan Tam providing more details about the Flash support that comes with the Slate.

Our Comments

The company behind the TouchSmart line of PCs is keen to mark its position early as competition in the tablet market will grow over the next few months. A number of players - Acer for example - are watching tablet market with interest and have yet to commit themselves.

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