HP sticks with Flash as Slate takes on Pad

Hewlett-Packard has released videos of its Slate tablet, which takes a swipe at Apple's iPad, by showing Adobe's Flash player running on the device under Microsoft's Windows 7.

Apple chief, Steve Jobs, has been slagging off Flash willy-nilly since his poncy iPad doesn't support it. Flash rules the web when it comes to short annoying videos, especially in adverts. QuickTime doesn't.

HP has bitten back at Aple by marketing its device around the inability of the iPad to support the Flash environment. The video highlights the many things that the HP Slate can do that the ipad can't, including playing videos and playing online games.

The company posted two videos on Youtube, one bearing an uncanny resemblance to the 30-second clip Apple paid to have aired during the Oscars ceremony

A second five-minute clip features Adobe's Alan Tam burbling on about Flash and Air support that comes with the Slate.