Virgin Media Discards BT Calls To Open Network

One of the UK's top internet services providers has decided to go ahead with plans to roll-out super fast internet for its customers, ignoring competitor BT, which has asked the ISP to open its network of underground pipes to competitors.

BT has asked all its major competitors to take a leaf out of their book and open their underground networks, after the company was forced by the Tory party to share its network with competitors.

However, Virgin Media, has decided to refute BT's demand for a competition friendly market, and said in an official statement that "We've invested over £13bn in ultrafast broadband in the UK, launched market-leading 50Mb broadband and have announced plans for 100Mb broadband by the end of this year."

Virgin Media has decided to ignore the call on the basis of an investigation done by Ofcom two years ago, in which the UK telecom regulator ruled that the company was not mandated to share its underground network with competitors as it did not have a significant number of users.

Now that Virgin Media has emerged as a market leader, a new investigation will be done by the regulator in order to determine the state of competition in the UK's telecom market.