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A10 Networks tackles IPv4 address shortage

Maker of Application Delivery Controllers, A10 Networks, has expanded its AX Series to deliver IPv6 migration boxes for carriers and Internet Service Providers.

A10 says demand for Internet Protocol addresses is rapidly increasing, pushing the existing available IPv4 address pool to exhaustion.

Smartphones and a plethora of new mobile devices is driving demand for web-based apps and these are eating into the available IPv4 addresses. Firms need to transition from IPv4 to IPv6. And this happens to be where A10's expertise comes in handy.

A10 Networks thinks the transition to IPv6 in network and service infrastructures shows a need for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks to coexist, which is where its newly announced Large Scale NAT and Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite) products come in.

Lee Chen, founder and CEO of A10 Networks (opens in new tab) told THINQ that A10 sees significant growth potential in IPv6 migration technology. "The co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6 is very likely to last several years, if not decades," he said.

He thinks his firm's AX Series solutions for Carriers and ISPs has a chance to become the leading technology in this young market.

Announced yesterday, the Large Scale NATLarge Scale NAT (LSN), (or Carrier Grade NAT) devices, help ISPs to continue to grow their business by alleviating the IPv4 address shortage by sharing public IPv4 addresses among multiple customers, Chen said.

"The transition we're seeing now is something we're be talking about for years," Chen said. "It was a matter of time before IPv4 addresses began to run out. Now it's happening."

DS-Lite involves encapsulation/de-capsulation of privately-addressed IPv4 traffic into IPv6 datagrams as well as native IPv6 forwarding capabilities.

The AX Series is built upon the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), which integrates a multi-core, shared memory and symmetrical multiprocessing architecture. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.