Britons spent £200 million on MMOs in 2009

British players spent nearly £200 million on massive multiplayer online games in 2009, while the worldwide market topped £3 billion, research suggests.

One and a half million Britons million spent an average of £10.50 per month on MMO games in 2009, analysis of the consumer data coming from today’s Gamers MMO Focus Report by and TNS reveals.

More than 90% of this budget is spent directly online. Some 2.5 million Brits play MMOs without spending any money. Revenues in Britain are slightly higher than in France and Germany but way behind the US. Yanks spend some £2.55 billion a year gaming with dwarves online.

Of the hundreds of MMO games in the market, only a few require payment up-front, mainly by selling software to be installed on the PC. Brits spent approximately £25 million on boxed products and online downloads.

Three quarters of a million Britons confessed to having played World of Warcraft and Runescape the top two MMOs in the UK, although many only made use of the free trial. Next most popular are MMO Club Penguin, Final Fantasy and Lord of The Rings Online.

Spenser Chi, of Aeria Games & Entertainment, comments: “With every game launch, we find a new population of users without noticeable cannibalisation of our other titles. This is a sign to us that the MMO market will continue to grow in number of players as well as revenue.”