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Britons Splash £200 Million On MMO Games

A recent study report has revealed that Britain's online gamers spent nearly £195 million on Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO) in 2009, playing highly popular games like the World of Warcraft and Runescape.

The research study, named Today's Gamers MMO Focus Report, which was conducted by TNS and, revealed that 1.5 million Britons, spend an average of 10.50 pounds a month, playing their favorite MMOs.

Interestingly, the research also revealed that the £195 million spent on MMOs by Britons, is a lot more than the £165 million spent by German online gamers and the £145 million by the France gamers.

However, the amount spent by Britons seems like pocket-change when compared with the $3.8 billion spent by US online gamers which is more than three times what Britons splash per head.

Commenting on the results of the study, the editor of, Tim Ingham, wrote that "Okay,so this doesn't paint a picture of us as the globe's sexiest nation, but look on the bright side - at least, for once, we're top of a European league table that doesn't feature binge drinking, obesity or teenage pregnancy."

The UK Video Games market reached £1.62 billion according to Gfk Chart-Track figures.

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It was also reported that online gamers in Britain spent almost £79 million on MMO monthly subscriptions and another £16 million on annual subscriptions while a whopping £24 million was spent on purchasing games and game expansion kits.

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