Cisco Unveils Fastest Internet Router In The World

Networking giant Cisco has unveiled a new routing system that is claimed to triple the internet content delivering capacity of its predecessors as the company seeks to significantly speeding up the way internet data has been delivered so far.

The new routing system, codenamed as 'Cisco Carrier Routing System-3', or 'CRS-3', delivers internet speeds up to 322 terabits per second, which can offer video and other content 12 times faster than its rivals' systems.

CRS-3 was announced yesterday and the company noted that it could "forever change the Internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments". The company poured a whopping $1.6 billion in the design and engineering of this flagship product.

John Chambers, CEO Cisco, says the technology, which is already being trialled by AT&T, forms the essential part of the company's future vision that would see businesses and consumers using internet video as the preferable communication tool.

Chambers said during a webcast yesterday: "What you see is enabling a new generation of collaboration. The role of the Internet is changing forever. It will completely transform our work and how we interface with our family and others".

The company boasted that the router has the capacity to deliver any movie ever made in four minutes, or allow every person in China to perform video calling simultaneously.

Our Comments

Cisco plans are bold and ambitious and what one could expect from the world's biggest network company. However, it will have to watch its back as others, such as HP, will be vying to get their share of the booming networking market as the recession eases.

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