Dell tablet design streaks into view

We'll soon have tablet-style devices coming out of our ears, with the world and his hound jumping on the bandwagon stealthily engineered by Apple. Whether there will any real demand for flat, touch-screen electronic coffee-table magazines remains to be seen but everone wants a toe in the water.

Dell showed off an Android-powered slate device at CES, potntially branded the Mini 5 tablet.

Now more details of the device have tipped up on the Interweb, where the word is that the gizmo will be sold as the Dell Streak.

According to leaked documents seen by Engadget, Dell’s tablet, will feature a 5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen, and both still and video cameras.

The presentation also suggests that Dell has entered a partnership with Amazon to put content on the Streak. This could include Kindle ebook integration on the device, as well as Amazon MP3 and video offerings.