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Google Street View To Integrate Wiki Feature

Search engine giant Google has announced that the company is planning to equip Street View users with the ability to edit the service, in order to make it more accurate and tailored according to their needs.

According to a post on the Google Lat Long blog, Street View service will come with an 'Edit Marker' feature, which is designed to allow users to edit or change a business marker on Street View if it is placed on the wrong spot or is not exact.

Jie Shao, a Google Street View Software Engineer, explaining the new feature, wrote on the blog that "Let's say you know that your favorite pizzeria is near the corner but the marker for it appears further down the block. You could use our map editing feature (the "move marker" edit) to move it to the right place."

The company also said in the blog post that, when a wrong marker is located by the users. in order to edit a marker on Street View, they need to click the marker and select 'more' from the info pop-up that appears on the screen.

In the 'more' drop down menu, users need to select the 'move marker' link, after which, two animated markers will appear, one on the map and the other on the Street View image. Users just need to drag the Street View marker to the right spot and click on 'save'.

Our Comments

Street View and its integration with Location based services could become a major revenue source for Google in the next few years. Adding Wiki-like features will only enhance its value by making it more interactive, popular and updated.

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