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LG Readies The GS290 Cookie Fresh Smartphone

South Korean manufacturer LG has unveiled another budget touchscreen smartphone, the Cookie Fresh GS290, which it hopes will be as successful as the original Cookie version.

The handset, which was revealed at last week's CeBIT, will be available in the UK from next month and is a basic model with a 3-inch resistive touchscreen WQVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera (without flash) and an FM radio.

As expected, it comes with social networking features including Facebook, Myspace and Twitter integration. Sadly though, there's no 3G access (or WiFi) which means that you will be stuck with slower EDGE connectivity.

LG's S-Class user interface however should work wonders as the fact that there's a 3.5mm headphone socket, Bluetooth, push email and a microSD card reader. The LG Cookie Fresh will be available in 10 different colours and should cost around £100 on PAYG at launch.

Another version of the Cookie Fresh, nicknamed the GM360 Bali, will be released later this year with a 5-megapixel camera together and possibly 3G. Six Cookie models will be released in all by LG with the Fresh expected to be shipped to 50 countries.

The sub-£100 segment on PAYG is becoming an increasingly busy one. The original LG Cookie and the KS360 are still available for around £60 at Carphone Warehouse while newer phones (opens in new tab) like the X3 or the LG POP will surely give the GS290 a run for its money.

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More than 12 million units of the original Cookie have been sold worldwide according to LG since it was launched back in November 2008, nearly half of which were gone during the first nine months.

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