Panasonic To Debut 50-inch Plasma 3D TV Sets For $2500

Panasonic Corp., the Tokyo based electronics giant, is all set to roll its brand new line of 3D enabled television sets for the US markets in partnership with US retail giant Best Buy Co.

The company will look to create widespread adoption of the technology by offering the 3D sets at almost half their suggested retail price.

With US roll-out of its 3D TVs, the company is hoping to cash-in on the popularity of 3D technology and will look to reverse the damage done by the recession and recover some of its loses.

The company will be offering 50-inch 3D plasma screen TV at a price of $2,500 and will also look to partner with production houses developing 3D content for the 3D enabled TVs.

It is not known whether prices will rise after the promotional period but given that a 50-inch Panasonic plasma screen costs around $1400 in the US, the premium is not a significant one.

According to the deal struck with Panasonic, the retail giant will set-up promotional stalls across its stores in the US, giving demonstrations to the users and letting them experience the 3D technology.

The surge in 3D interest was spurred almost singlehandedly by the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, which apart from attaining cult status, aroused users' interest in 3D movies and programs.

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Several other consumer electronic companies like LG and Sony are also set to launch their very own 3D enabled TVs to allow users to enjoy the 3D programs and movies that will soon be available from TV production houses and cable service providers, ushering in a new era of television viewing.

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