UK Mobile Networks "Fighting" To Become Apple's iPad Launch Partners

Apple executives are in UK this week to determine which mobile phone network in the country will be launch partners for the iPad device which will go on sale at the end of April.

There have been rumours that the three big networks, O2, Orange and Vodafone, will be getting the iPad at launch as Apple is keen to ensure that the tablet computer has as much exposure as possible.

It is therefore highly unlikely that the iPad will be available on an exclusivity deal with any of the three aforementioned operators.

This is particularly true as many online retailers like Expansys or have already produced placeholders for the three variants of the iPad although these are WiFi-only (and therefore without 3G).

Whether the mobile networks will be willing to stick to the original iPhone agreement template - where Apple took 30 percent of all the data revenues generated - remains to be seen.

The device will go on sale in the US from the 3rd of April 2010 and should be available in the UK from the 28th of April both with and without 3G. You can follow our extensive coverage of Apple's iPad over here.

Our Comments

We've never really liked the idea of a tablet disguised as a giant iPod Touch but the iPad will hopefully be more than that. We will also be closely looking at the exact hardware used in the device to see whether Apple is looking at reviving its hardware ecosystem.

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